Federal agency facing congressional budget cuts

Case Study: Federal agency facing congressional budget cuts


A division of a major Federal agency was being targeted for severe cuts, and possible elimination, by Congress. The agency’s leaders were struggling to articulate the continued importance of their services.


  • Fifteen agency leaders and staff people gathered in Washington, DC for a full day of Speaking Freely™ message strategy
  • The Franchetti team helped the leadership identify and support the proactive messages needed to bring to members of Congress
  • Franchetti identified and developed responses to the full range of negative issues facing the agency


  • Messaging about the value and importance of the agency was greatly strengthened
  • All members of the leadership team were able to speak in a consistent manner, which strengthened their branding and public relations efforts post-training
  • Negative issues, when raised, were turned around with ease
  • The budget and services provided by the agency of the division were retained

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