16Nov 2017

The new year offers a fresh start for your investors, customers, and influencers, making it a prime moment for your organization to update corporate messaging, establish a new brand identity, and announce new products. Certainly, in the US, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day tend to be full of distractions, making it more […]

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31Oct 2017

Public speaking can rattle the nerves of even the most seasoned professional. It’s such a common fear that it can prevent some business people from achieving career success, because giving speeches and presentations, especially as a business executive, is unavoidable. The nerves that come with public speaking may not be avoidable, but they are controllable. […]

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24Oct 2017

How can you secure buy-in from management for your innovative idea? Proposals are killed every day, and it’s not always because the idea is second-rate. Good ideas often don’t sell due to a poorly articulated pitch or a speaker with mediocre enthusiasm. Even the most outstanding suggestions may not make it past the first round […]

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19Oct 2017

Virtually all business executives face critical moments in their career when they must demonstrate the ability to deliver a persuasive speech or presentation. To motivate, however, you must engage your listeners. And to engage your listeners, you must pay attention to them – and we mean really pay attention. One of the best ways to know whether you are successfully […]

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10Oct 2017

More than with any form of communication available to business professionals, we hear considerable disdain for voicemail. This contempt will likely intensify as millennials overtake other generations in the workplace, but it must be understood that voicemails – both the greeting you record for incoming callers and the messages you leave for others – are […]

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