30May 2017

The explosion of technology over the past decade has made it much easier to entertain meeting participants, particularly those attending large events like annual corporate meetings. The advances, however, have not solved the age-old issue of audience engagement, since, too often, technology becomes a distraction rather than an enhancement. To put it bluntly, giving the same […]

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23May 2017

  Imagine this scenario: You’ve worked hard to prepare for an important presentation, panel, or media interview. A lot is riding on your performance – for your company, and for your own reputation. The big day comes. You walk into the room. And suddenly your mind goes blank … totally blank. Or perhaps you get […]

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04May 2017

When it comes to enhancing team performance, communication is a critical skill that each team member should endeavor to strengthen. Strong teams collaborate more effectively, innovate more frequently, and deliver results that keep an organization competitive. To build the strongest teams, it is beneficial to understand both the personality types and the natural communication styles […]

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