19Oct 2017

Virtually all business executive face critical moments in their career when they must demonstrate the ability to deliver a persuasive speech or presentation. To motivate, however, you must engage your listeners. And to engage your listeners, you must pay attention to them – and we mean really pay attention. One of the best ways to know whether you are successfully […]

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10Oct 2017

More than with any form of communication available to business professionals, we hear considerable disdain for voicemail. This contempt will likely intensify as millennials overtake other generations in the workplace, but it must be understood that voicemails – both the greeting you record for incoming callers and the messages you leave for others – are […]

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21Sep 2017

There is an understanding in American journalism that reporters can keep sources anonymous without legal consequences, providing a level of protection to news organizations, reporters, and sources. In fact, it is more than an understanding; it is law – a shield law – in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Only Wyoming has not enacted […]

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06Sep 2017

Today’s business world demands leaders with well-developed soft skills to complement hard skills. When hiring and promoting employees, there is no doubt that the candidates’ technical proficiencies demanded by the position will quickly help qualify them for, or disqualify them from, consideration. Yet when it comes to making the final cut, the person who is […]

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