Preparation for your Panel Presentation with Franchetti Communications is designed to help you moderate and participate in dynamic and engaging panels.

Are your panel presentations the perfect environment for a quick snooze?

Are you struggling to keep your audience engaged?

Wouldn’t you rather be known for hosting panels that are exciting opportunities to share knowledge and ideas?

Panels are hit or miss. Some succeed at becoming authentic conversations; far too many end up as stalled attempts at engagement. You need the right tools to ensure your panel presentation is electric, exciting, and an effective platform for information exchange.

To get the most out of your opportunity to moderate or participate in a panel discussion, you must be prepared for the specific challenges and opportunities inherent in this style of presentation. We can shine a light on the associated nuances, so you can handle it all with skill.

Our panel preparation coaching session will be designed around your specific role and circumstances. You will learn how to:

  • Coordinate with your co-panelists for a smooth-running event
  • Assess and allocate the time required for each panelist to speak
  • Determine and bring forth the appropriate level of interaction among panelists and the audience
  • Moderate the panel’s kick-off and wrap up, transition between speakers, and maintain an engaging pace

Panel preparation coaching can mean the difference between making a professional statement and putting the audience to sleep. Either way, it will impact your bottom line.


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