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Presentation training for business executives results in more effective communication.

Are your executives brilliant but boring?

Is too much time being wasted with meetings that don’t lead to results?

Do you need to elevate your presentation skills in order to elevate your career path?

Are you spending too much time preparing for presentations because you don’t know a more efficient way?

Presentation coaching with Franchetti Communications is designed for busy executives who are focused on success. You didn’t attend business school so you could give speeches, but by now, you’ve learned that delivering presentations – and doing so with impact and skill – is an integral part of being successful in business. Strong presenters, with powerful public speaking and presentation skills, get more done and win more business.

If you’re not a natural at giving presentations, don’t feel bad. For most people, executive presentation coaching is necessary to build, refine or uplevel your skills. Even executives who have taken a public speaking class, in business school or earlier in their careers, eventually find that the presentation training that brought them this far isn’t sufficient to allow them to succeed in new and bigger roles.

The Executive Presentation Success System™ is a 100%-practical presentation training process that empowers business executives to prepare and present information more effectively than ever. The focus of Franchetti Communications’ presentation training is on both content and delivery. Whether you need presentation training for one person or for thousands of employees throughout your organization, this system, offered in our COMMUNICATE!™ presentation training programs, can elevate your presenters’ skills from adequate to exceptional.

Effective communication and presentation skills are directly related to your bottom line — that’s a fact.

COMMUNICATE!™ executive presentation coaching will help you:

  • Close more deals with prospective clients
  • Strengthen perceptions of your company, brand, and services among stakeholders
  • Motivate a greater percentage of your audience to take action
  • Manage Q&A masterfully
  • Reduce anxiety and nervousness in a multitude of business scenarios and environments
  • Communicate more meaningfully with and among senior management and board members
  • Increase productivity through improved time management

How does our corporate presentation coaching program work?

COMMUNICATE!™ is designed to allow you to strategize, prepare, and deliver any type of presentation. You’ll bring your own presentation materials to your training session so that everything discussed is relevant to your business. We will coach you on how to strengthen the content and elevate your delivery. Practice sessions are video recorded to maximize the impact of your presentation coaching experience.

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