Media interview training prepares executives for a variety of media interview formats, such as print media, broadcast, business radio and online interviews.


Working with the Media™ is the media interview training program of choice for executives and subject-matter experts who are in a position to speak with the press. Some attendees have an interview scheduled and need to prepare; others are in need of general media interview training because they may be tapped for an interview at any time.

Media interview training sessions can be designed for print, television, radio, online, or a combination of interview styles, to meet your specific needs. All of Franchetti Communications’ media training sessions include messaging techniques and delivery skills. Our Executive Media Interview Success System™ will help remove the mystery associated with dealing with the press to allow your spokesperson to put their best foot forward.

All media interview training practice sessions are video recorded to maximize the coaching experience.

Most business interviews are for print media, with mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal or Washington Post, or with the specialized trade press. Working with the Media™ helps you prepare media-friendly quotes that are more likely to make it into a story, and provides you with the techniques you need to respond to the most difficult questions with integrity.

If you are preparing for a print interview, our media interview training will help you focus on how to:

  • Build trust and credibility with the reporter, typically by phone
  • Design media-friendly “sound bites” that make it to publication
  • Respond to difficult questions
  • Reduce the chance of your statements being misquoted or taken out of context

If broadcast television, business radio, or online interviews are in your future, Franchetti media interview training will teach you how to:

  • Manage a fast-paced live or taped interview segment
  • Conduct a satellite (remote) interview or an on-location broadcast
  • Control interruptions and still get your message across
  • Respond to potentially damaging topics when you are on the air
  • Look natural and credible
  • Conduct an online interview via Skype or email
  • Sound professional on a radio interview, whether in-studio or by means of a call-in format

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