Follow-up Media Interview Training is essential for executives who are frequently in the press.

Do you want to practice in a safe setting prior to your next media interview?

Would you like expert guidance with your message strategy?

Are you participating in an media interview format that is new to you?

Only a handful of executives and corporate spokespeople will need to interact with the press regularly. Follow-up media interview training sessions, or “just in time” coaching, will keep you prepared. One-time or ongoing sessions will reinforce and deepen your existing media interview skills, allow you to receive guidance on messaging for an upcoming media interview, and maximize the return on your company’s initial investment. We’ll help you determine the optimal combination of in-person coaching or videoconferenced sessions to keep your media interview skills sharp.

Customized media training sessions with Franchetti Communications include:

  • True-to-life media interviews with on-camera practice and critiques
  • In-depth research into your specific circumstances, prior to your media training
  • Focus on the full spectrum of interview formats or the single format of your choice
  • Low trainer-to-executive ratio, ensuring a high-touch learning experience and efficient use of your valuable time
  • Distance and virtual media training options for executives outside of NYC

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