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Media Training is essential for successful executives

Is CNBC requesting an interview?

Worried that The Wall Street Journal will publish something you can’t retract?

Do you fear media interviews rather than embrace the opportunity?

As former ABC News anchor Sam Donaldson once said, “The questions don’t do the damage. Only the answers do.”

Media interview opportunities can offer great rewards, but they can also come with their share of risks if you are not properly prepared. Discover exactly how to ensure that the exposure you receive is positive, and minimize the potential for damage, with media training from Franchetti Communications.

The Executive Media Training Success System™ is woven into every Working with the Media™ session, providing executives and corporate spokespeople with the unwritten rules and essential tools required for interacting with the business, trade, and mainstream media to ensure that you will be treated fairly every step of the way. With Franchetti Communications’ media training, you will learn exactly how to convey a positive image for yourself and your company. You will discover how to put forth important messages, how to keep them in context, and how to avoid being trapped or misquoted. We also show you how to handle the challenge of working with the growing number of bloggers and other publishers who do not come to you with formal training as journalists.

Working with the Media™ is a comprehensive media skills training that will prepare you to handle even the most challenging reporters.

Franchetti Communications’ clients are constantly amazed at how on-target and realistic our media training interviews are, resulting in a tremendous and immediate increase in skill level and confidence.

Working with the Media™ can give you the edge you need to:

  • Turn every media interview into an opportunity to boost your bottom line
  • Motivate and persuade your target audiences
  • Develop skills to communicate your expertise with authority and authenticity
  • Understand your rights as an interviewee
  • Learn how to maximize the support of your corporate communications or public relations team

Customized media training sessions with Franchetti Communications include:

  • True-to-life media training interviews with on-camera practice and critiques
  • In-depth research into your specific circumstances, prior to your media training
  • Focus on the full spectrum of interview formats or the single format of your choice
  • Low trainer-to-executive ratio, ensuring a high-touch learning experience and efficient use of your executives’ valuable time
  • Half-day and full-day training formats available to meet your unique goals and schedule limitations, plus options to reinforce your investment in media skills training for the long-term
  • Distance and virtual media training options for executives outside of NYC

Learn more about media trainings offered by Franchetti Communications in New York City and around the country that are popular with our clients:


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