Struggling company needed to address rumors

Case Study: Struggling company needed to address rumors


A company marketing an early-adopted yet under-prescribed drug needed to address rumors that could negatively impact already low sales.


  • Franchetti Communications provided Working with the Media™ training for two product managers
  • Speaking Freely™ message strategy was incorporated heavily during the session in order to highlight core product messages and address the rumors
  • Extensive on-camera simulations were conducted to prepare the managers for the full range of possible questions from analysts and the medical community


  • The product managers were challenged to think and act differently in preparation for counteracting the industry rumors
  • Successful messaging resulted in the immediate adoption of a new messaging platform for positioning the product, which four ad agencies previously failed to deliver
  • The company was fully prepared for a critical industry event and communicated on par with its global competitors
  • Physicians incrementally increased their prescribing of the product

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