Rehearsal for a major client event

Case Study: Rehearsal for a major client event


A consulting firm was preparing to host a major event for 1000+ clients, special guests and members of the media. Partners and subject matters experts needed to learn how to moderate and participate in engaging panel discussions. Key partners needed to rehearse keynote speeches.


  • The Franchetti team initially met with each panel to provide content guidance
  • Panel moderators were assisted with time management and staging, keeping the discussion engaging, introducing each panel’s topic, transitioning between speakers, and managing audience interaction
  • Dress rehearsals were conducted with each panel and keynote speaker to build comfort, reduce anxiety and ensure professional delivery


  • Positive feedback from attendees has been received year-after-year
  • The significant investment of time and money for a large-scale event was maximized by having all speakers prepare and rehearse
  • The event has grown in size annually and is a significant client marketing tool

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