Hedge fund pitching potential investors

Case Study: Hedge fund pitching potential investors


The co-portfolio managers and the head of investor relations needed to raise funds for their young, growing hedge fund. They were struggling to distinguish their fund’s value in a crowded and competitive alternative asset environment. The portfolio managers were excellent investors but were not natural presenters.


  • Franchetti Communications reviewed the hedge fund’s existing marketing materials and pitch book prior to working with the portfolio managers
  • Half-day of intensive COMMUNICATE!™ presentation coaching, with a focus on marketing and sales meetings, including on-camera meeting simulations
  • Q&A strategy mapped out to allow the investment team to articulate their unique positioning and value proposition to potential investors


  • The head of investor relations was able to revise their marketing materials to more accurately distinguish the fund’s unique positioning in the market
  • The co-portfolio manager confidently presented their opportunity to potential investors, resulting in a higher commitment rate

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