Analyst day preparation for an industrial company

Case Study: Analyst day preparation for an industrial company


A Fortune 500 firm was preparing for an analyst day. Management sought assistance because they realized that the content of their presentation was convoluted, overly detailed and lacked a cohesive story. They also sought to elevate the senior management’s delivery.


  • Multi-day on-site strategy and rehearsals with a senior Franchetti trainer who met with each member of the senior leadership team to distill their content and elevate delivery skills
  • The Franchetti trainer identified the story for each executive’s division and tied the division’s story to the larger company story
  • Each presenter was individually coached to increase their comfort and to allow their personality and unique style to emerge
  • On-camera rehearsals helped each presenter move freely on stage and be less tied to notes and PowerPoint slides
  • Arrived on-site early on event day to correct any unexpected issues with the room and equipment


  • Management received rave reviews from the Street; analysts noted and commented on the marked improvement in the quality of the content compared to previous company meetings
  • The internal IR/PR team was freed up to focus on other issues, which leveraged their time efficiently
  • Analyst reports following the meeting reiterated the key themes the company hoped to emphasize

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