Voicemail and phone skills training is designed to provide the polished communication your team needs to make sure your message is heard.

You get about seven seconds for someone to decide if they’re going to listen to your voicemail or delete it. What happens to yours?

The Voicemail & Phone Skills training program was originally created at the request of a leading global investment bank. Their sales force needed to communicate time-sensitive information to customers, but the customers were not responding. With some strategic changes to the structure and content of their messages, the sales force started to cut through the voicemail clutter, and clients started listening.

Implementing a few key techniques can lead to an increase in returned calls and a boost to your reputation among those you regularly call. Our Voicemail & Phone Skills program is ideal for sales executives and teams in any industry who communicate through informational, time-sensitive voice messages. The training can be scheduled as a singular two-hour group session, or as an add-on to any presentation coaching program.


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