Executive communication training is designed for experienced or new senior level executives and VIPs who must project a compelling and polished public image at all times.

Are your most visible executives making the most of their public exposure?

Have you achieved a higher level of visibility than you are prepared to manage, given your current (dis)comfort with media engagements or public speaking?

Does your seniority inhibit others from offering valuable feedback on your communications, leaving you uncertain if you’re on the right track?

The talent required to achieve a C-suite position or board appointment does not always include the executive communication training needed to excel in those positions. Upon promotion, many executives find their current communication skills don’t meet the demands of their new roles. Compounding the problem is the reality that senior executives rarely receive objective, constructive feedback.

No one wants to offend the boss, so executives are likely to hear, “You did a nice job,” following their presentations. But at a C-suite level, “a nice job” won’t cut it. Executives need honest feedback and the opportunity to improve their skills. Executive presentation coaching is a essential for an executive who desires to be successful. If they’ve benefited from presentation training in the past, they may think that they have the public speaking domain covered. However, the ability of C-level and senior executives to manage the full range of public speaking situations – from media interviews, to speeches, to internal presentations – with an authentic and trust-inspiring presence, cannot be understated.

To stay at the top of the game, one needs to acknowledge when the game has changed. Whatever your executive’s current skill level, we will help them keep abreast of their communication abilities to establish — or refine — their voice as a leader.

Successful presentations can:

  • Affect analyst perceptions
  • Motivate potential customers and retain current customers
  • Influence employee morale and loyalty
  • Impact the company’s share price

Our customized executive communication training includes:

  • Executive presentation coaching
  • Executive media training
  • Roadshow and investor event preparation
  • Pitch preparation and sales and marketing presentation coaching
  • And more

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