Advanced presentation skills can open new doors and create new opportunities for your executive team and take their communication proficiency to the next level.

Do you have experienced executives or teams ready to further amplify their presentation skills?

Are you focused on developing a pipeline of skilled leaders, to ensure your organization’s continued success?

Are you committed to ensuring that your executives are skilled at communicating internally and externally?

If you or your executives have completed our COMMUNICATE!™ program and are ready to ratchet your skills up another notch, our Advanced Presentation Skills program is the solution.

During advanced presentation skills training, we coach you through several true-to-life meeting or presentation simulations. The advanced executive presentation skills training program is one of our most intense. This program allows presenters to rapidly advance their skill level in a half or full-day session in New York City, at your office, or online through our videoconference portal. We highly recommend combining your advanced coaching with a series of virtual follow-up sessions.

Franchetti Communications’ Advanced Presentation Skills Training will:

  • Elevate your thought leadership and visibility
  • Prepare you for a wider range of presentation situations
  • Advance your communication skills so you can advance your career path
  • Hone your communication skills and help you overcome your unique challenges
  • Help you become a dynamic, engaging, and sought-after keynote speaker



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