Corporate message development is the art of articulating the benefits of your initiative, product, or issue with compelling clarity.

Are you struggling with expressing the corporate messaging necessary to effectively convey the value of an important initiative?

Have you become frustrated by the need to simplify complex or technical information to achieve messaging clarity?

If you are struggling with developing compelling corporate, marketing, or product messaging, you’re not alone. Articulating a compelling message is essential when your company needs to stand apart from the competition and be heard. If your success is resting on a compelling corporate message, then Speaking Freely™ is the solution you need.

Speaking Freely™ is a message development program that results in a crisp articulation of the critical initiatives, products, and issues that you need to discuss on behalf of your company.

Working in tandem with the critical decision makers who must have buy-in with key corporate messages, Franchetti Communications collaborates with your team to analyze your situation and work as a group to identify, strengthen, and support the corporate messages you are struggling to articulate.

Speaking Freely™ has been used for situations such as: preparing for discussions with Senators who were looking to cut funding to our client’s budget; allowing the scientists behind a controversial pharmaceutical product to articulate the drug’s benefits and respond to concerns about side effects; differentiating the mission of a rapidly growing not-for-profit to potential major donors; and preparing multiple executives of a Fortune 500 company to speak with the judges for the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

When you require targeted support for your company, brand, product, or initiative, Franchetti Communications can help you develop your message strategy through Speaking Freely™.

Franchetti Communications offers customized executive media training and presentation coaching in New York City and around the country, including:


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