found success by using the techniques introduced in the Franchetti programs resulting in new clients and business

“Our experience with Franchetti Communications has been immensely positive. The Franchettis bring a level of professionalism and expertise to the table that is second to none. With the addition of various Franchetti-facilitated communications programs to our course catalog, we have been able to improve public speaking, presentation skills, marketing techniques and media communications across our organization. Several of our local markets have found success by using the techniques introduced in the Franchetti programs resulting in new clients and business.

The Franchettis have been able to complement our current courses by providing our participants with a top-of-the-line education on all things related to communications. Their level of customer service and true ability to connect with their participants, regardless of background, profession, etc. makes the Franchettis stand apart.”
– Randy Eppard, Ph.D., Director Education and Training, United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America

one name remains on top of my list for executive presentation and media coaching – Franchetti Communications

“Over a 20+ year career either writing speeches or advising CEOs and other C-Suite speakers on where to speak only one name remains on top of my list for executive presentation and media coaching – Franchetti Communications. Jack, Suzanne and team are unbeatable in getting the best out of executives irrespective of gender, experience, or personality – the results are transformative.”
– Senior Public Relations executive, agency and in-house, for industrial and professional service firms

highly professional approach

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Franchetti Communications over a 10 year period. Twice we engaged the Franchetti team in preparation for annual investor meetings. There is no question that the time and investment with them had an immediate positive impact on the quality of the annual meetings, and had a long-term effect of heightening our presentation skills, overall. Our message was more clearly communicated and everyone, from the most senior members of our team — to the up-and-coming junior staff, benefitted tremendously. Most recently, I retained Franchetti as we prepared to launch a new fund. By reinvesting in our communication skills, we have been able to clearly communicate our experience and differentiated offering. They bring a wealth of experience with financial situations, a no-nonsense and highly professional approach, and a level of discretion that makes Franchetti a true partner. I highly recommend them to anyone preparing for presentations to the financial community.”
– Partner and Founder, Private equity firm

always well prepared with the media issues that our clients are facing

“Suzanne’s ability to help speakers plan and deliver powerful presentations is remarkable. From corporate finance professionals to 17-year old high school interns, to the visionary Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations, I have watched Suzanne tailor her work to help her audience masterfully connect with theirs. Whether it is a speech to hundreds, a conversation with a funder, or a meeting with colleagues, her I find myself constantly employing her techniques to shape my message, anticipate questions or concerns, and ultimately successfully communicate my point.”
– Kathryn O’Neal-Dunham, Philanthropy New York, COO

well versed on the industries in which our clients operate

“Jack is one of the most experienced media trainers with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I’ve hired him on multiple occasions for the last 16 years and his media training courses are always spot on. He is always well prepared with the media issues that our clients are facing and he is always well versed on the industries in which our clients operate. I highly recommend him. Some of my clients at the most senior level have said that Jack’s course is one of the best that they’ve ever taken.”
– Elizabeth Tee, Managing Director, Troncossi Public Relations

excellent experience with great results

“We used Franchetti Communications to help train the management of companies that were for sale. They focused on the areas of presenting that would have the greatest impact to making their presentation effective and compelling. We experienced better and clearer messaging and as a result received high interest from the bidders in the way of higher bids. We had an excellent experience with great results.”
– John Bellizzi, Global Head of Corporate Development, Thomson Reuters, Leading Provider of Intelligent Information to the World’s Businesses and Professionals

true experts in public speaking and media training

“Franchetti Communications are true experts in public speaking and media training. Their program is accessible, repeatable and highly effective across the various experience levels at our company. But most important, the program is tailored to our specific needs because they take the time to learn our business. They are more than skilled communicators, Franchetti Communications are trusted advisors. WisdomTree can now confidently utilize its executive team in many types of media and presentation scenarios. We are also developing a strong bench at the associate level which allows us to pursue more client and media facing opportunities concurrently, expanding our overall communications program.”
– Stuart Bell, WisdomTree

feedback from training recipients has been universally positive

“I first hired Jack back in 2000 and have used Franchetti Communications for presentation coaching dozens of times over the past 14 years. The feedback from training recipients has been universally positive and we look forward to working with the Franchetti team multiple times per year for years to come.”
– John Youngblood, Managing Partner of Gallatin Capital, LLC

Working relationships like these are very special

“Working relationships like these are very special and I feel honored and privileged to work with each of you.”
– Professional Services Firm

one on one work can make such a difference

“Amazing how a half-day of dedicated, one on one work can make such a difference. Thank you.”
– Vice President, IT, Insurance Company

10 new business leads

“Just got back form a one week trip to Europe. My presentation to 400+ industry participants went really well and I got terrific feedback. In addition, I got 10 new business leads! Thanks so much for your help. You made it all come together… I highly recommend that other analysts utilize your consulting services.”
– Equity Research Analyst, Large Investment Bank

best all-hands meeting they have attended

“Your training made a tangible contribution to the feedback we got from a number of attendees that the meeting was ‘the best all-hands meeting they have attended.”
– Director, Risk Management


“One of the most transformative events during my time at [a major hedge fund] was the public speaking coaching I received from you. You helped me prepare for a presentation to the Executive Committee, which was absolutely nerve wracking! To be quite honest, your coaching was a total game-changer for me. It’s given me confidence in almost all of my daily interactions.”
– John Teng, Hedge fund

excellent training

“Thank you for the excellent training today. I was impressed and feel like I learned key new points on how best to handle print and TV interviews.”
– Principal, Professional Services Firm

a true expert

“I completed a two hour session with Suzanne. I found her to be extremely professional and a true expert in this area. This was one of the best coaching sessions I have had in a long time.”
– VIP Level Senior Executive, Financial Services Firm


“It was an incredible session.”
– Business Development Manager at a technology firm, who originally did not want to attend presentation training


“I wanted to send a brief thank you for presenting during the Associate training. We’ve received positive feedback on this year’s program, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.”
– Private Equity firm


“It’s not only “night and day” different from the first version, it’s light years beyond it. It’s inspiring. I think it will be a great keynote. I am really thrilled that she now has something she can be very proud of to deliver. You really made a HUGE difference.”
– Special Event rehearsal for a keynote delivered by a Partner of a professional services firm

vaulted to a new level of confidence

“Thanks very much for working with me on the upcoming panel. It was invaluable. There were lots of plaudits afterward, and I do feel vaulted to a new level of confidence, which is huge.”
– Partner from a professional services firm

right tools

“I had a chance to use the media training. We had a large press conference at with Mayor Emanuel. There were about 8 cameras and the all the media in front of us. Thanks for all that you and Jacqueline did to help me be more prepared when facing these situations. I know that you have given me the right tools moving forward.”
UBC member

good to great

“Thank you for a great presentation prep session with [two members of the management team] yesterday. You’ve given us plenty of guidance and strong suggestions on ways to take the presentation delivery and PowerPoint from good to great.”
– Public Relations Manager, Financial Services Firm

a home run

“Our team who was in the audience told me it was a home run! It felt great and I can tell your coaching was invaluable! There were people in the audience in tears so it was pretty impactful I guess! Thanks so much and I hope I get the honor to work with you again!”


“Thank you again for your time today and the training could not have been more relevant, timely or insightful!

You were just terrific! You tied the week together in a beautiful way and started our year off on a perfect note.”
– VP, Director, Retailer

extremely helpful

“Thanks for your time, thoughts and energy yesterday afternoon. We thought that our session with you was extremely helpful and look forward to putting your advice to work in the days and weeks to come. There were some simple improvements that you encouraged us to make to our presentation deliveries where we could see real-time improvements on camera. You also provided a great deal of thoughtful commentary and materials regarding preparing for individual meetings a bit more holistically that I hope will deliver results over the next few years.”
– PM, Hedge Fund

many successes that have come from the training

“There are many successes that have come from the training I received from the Franchetti team, but the biggest would have to be signing [a major prospect]. In the past they refused even to meet with us. By using leverage that fell into my lap I brokered several meetings and manage to negotiate an agreement. I utilized the training I received to open dialogue, prepare my talking points, educate myself on the customer, and prepare for feedback good and bad.”

extremely valuable

“Everyone thought the session was extremely valuable. They are routinely speaking with students, and they are routinely asked some difficult questions, so in more ways than one this was helpful. And now, when we tap them for media interviews, they have this core training in their minds.”
– Recruiting Manager, 30,000+ person firm

confident with my message

“I have been doing my regular reports at my union and delegate meetings. The last meeting was going to be in front of the same people but it was going to be a hostile crowd. I went over my notes for a couple of days, changing and streamlining them. I also thought of some of the questions and concerns of my audience and jotted down some points to help me with my answers. I did some exercises and stretched out right before I had to speak, and yes I was still a little nervous but I felt confident with my message, I handled the questions very well because I used my on personal experiences and got right back on point!!”
– UBC member

improved 100%

“I have changed my way of doing business since the training session. I use all the techniques I learned and they work. Since the training the delivery of my report has improved 100%.”
– Union member

gave her confidence and tools

“Thank you for your help and advice. We had good critique including “the best presentation” from two trusted sources. Not surprisingly, she was effusive about you when she and I spoke earlier this afternoon. She said she’s received coaching before, but none that compared to yours. You will definitely be hearing from me as other opportunities come up (and I/we certainly don’t mind which member of your team does the coaching – you’ve all been great). I can certainly see how — before today, at least — she had a very long way to go. Speaking in front of others in an engaging way is not her strong suit. But you certainly gave her confidence and tools that she can build upon and will no doubt come in handy when she has to do the real thing. Thanks again.”
– Partner at a large law firm

a confidant, a mentor and key resource for our organization

“I worked with Suzanne as a personal coach to prepare me for numerous presentations to large audiences. Her gift is to enable one to feel calm and confident while learning how to express and project key points in a message. Suzanne also conducted team based communications skills training with a business development team proving she is able to work with individuals and teams at various levels across an organization. She is a confidant, a mentor and key resource for our organization.”
– President, Private Financial Services Company

gained a tremendous amount of confidence

“Suzanne has completely opened up a new door for me, and she really changed my life. I had not had good public speaking experiences before and she worked with me to clarify my thoughts and arrange them into a story I could relate to, one which was so much easier for me to talk freely about in front of a large audience. After her coaching I had my first successful speaking engagement and have gained a tremendous amount of confidence. The Franchetti group understands the art of communication, and the overwhelming importance of it. They teach you what good and bad communication does to your business and then skillfully teach you how to become comfortable with it and master it!”
– A.R., Head of Capital Markets, Financial Services Firm


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