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06Jul 2017

Words have power. Everyone instinctively knows this. People invest time, energy, and effort to learn how to speak well in public, how to speak persuasively, how to frame and phrase ideas in compelling ways, how to be more convincing than the next person, how to win debates, how to have a lasting impact on others. […]

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27Jun 2017

As we discussed in our last article, regarding fake news, we live in a time when false allegations are rampant and fabricated stories flourish. Accuracy and accountability seems to be nearly obsolete in many media sources, and combating misinformation is both more difficult and more important than at any time in the past. Fortunately, there […]

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17Jan 2017

The use of visuals or graphics during a business news broadcast media interview is a great way to amplify your company’s expertise and your corporate messages. Business media interviews are about more than just answering questions. Visuals provided by your company will help maintain the flow and direction of the media interview, as well as […]

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