executive coaching

17Jul 2018

We have a love-hate relationship with technology – especially with our cell phones. There are distinct benefits of remaining connected to our clients, bosses, teams, and even to our families during long work days. Yet, the constant notifications, calls, vibrations, and flashes from incoming text messages are distractions that impact our productivity. Every few months […]

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22Mar 2018

Most business initiatives are motivated by the desire to make money, save money, or save time. But the vast majority of people don’t get behind an initiative simply because of money. Common human motivators that can be applied to business initiatives are ethics, fairness, recognition, fear of loss, fear of the unknown, or those that […]

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22Feb 2018

A single presentation slide averages 40 words. That may not seem like an overwhelming number, but Google CEO Sundar Pichai would call the slide “cluttered.”Pichai’s presentation at the company’s 2017 developer’s conference utilized a large amount of white space and took 12 slides to reach 40 words. Other tech giants, such as Apple, are well known […]

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