Voicemail and phone skills for a sales team

Case Study: Voicemail and phone skills for a sales team


The sales force at a large company needed to communicate time-sensitive information to clients. Due to the nature of their industry, most communication occurred through the exchange of voicemails. The firm determined that their clients were receiving hundreds of messages daily and sought to ensure that theirs were heard and not immediately deleted.


  • A Franchetti senior trainer met with the leadership of client to develop a customized program; we observed the sales team and received access to recordings of outbound messages to assess current quality and challenges
  • Franchetti’s trainer captured and used proprietary examples of voicemail messages from the firm’s system for use during training sessions
  • Small group sessions were offered at the firm’s offices in New York and London


  • The sales force learned how to better capture information that would be relevant for their clients and to quickly
  • Voicemails went from being long and overly detailed to being crisp and actionable
  • A repeatable and user-friendly methodology of leaving voicemails was implemented
  • Call-backs and customer orders increased

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