Case Study: Virtual presentation training


A leading private equity firm had a time-sensitive need for multiple partners to be coached in preparation for a series of upcoming investor meetings. Some of the partners were based in New York; others were based in international offices. The schedules of the international partners could not accommodate a trip to New York.


  • The New York-based partners were trained on-site at their office location, benefiting from video feedback and critique
  • A Franchetti trainer connected seamlessly to the international location via it’s state-of-the-art video conferencing portal, in order to provide an equivalent training experience to the remote office
  • The trainer captured the virtually-trained partners’ sessions on video and provided them with immediate video analysis and feedback regarding their content and delivery
  • The client’s PowerPoint materials were easily shared and critiqued in real-time, on screen
  • A full message strategy session was incorporated as part of both the in-person and virtual coaching, which allowed each partner to further customize their presentation to their investors


  • All partners, regardless of location, were able to bring a “one-firm” approach and consistent messaging to their investor meetings
  • The client saved two full days of valuable time, per partner, by not traveling for training and by connecting with us from the convenience of their office location
  • Thousands of dollars in airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses were saved
  • All partners received extremely positive feedback following their meetings; investor comments included remarks on how the speakers were the best they had experienced to date

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