Preparing for a company’s first annual meeting

Case Study: Preparing for a company’s first annual meeting


An investment management firm was preparing to hold an annual meeting to discuss the company’s performance during the 2008 recession. Management had previously handled investor communications on a private basis and had never held a large investor annual meeting.


  • All members of the executive team received one-on-one coaching to refine the content and delivery of their individual presentations
  • The slides were evaluated for readability and consistency with the spoken presentations; slides were eliminated to reduce visual clutter
  • A dress rehearsal was conducted to ensure a smooth flow of the entire meetings and to practice transitions between segments and speakers


  • Investor confidence was maintained – and strengthened – during a very difficult market period
  • The firm’s executive team, which was unaccustomed to presenting to large groups, built confidence in themselves as leaders
  • Fears of public speaking were reduced
  • The firm willingly held additional investor meetings due to the success of the initial event, thus increasing the quality and quantity of their communication with key investors

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