Media training for an international investment bank

Case Study: Media training for an international investment bank


A multinational financial institution dramatically grew its US presence. Their business unit leaders and research analysts needed to be trained to speak on business television and to the trade press in order to heighten awareness of the firm’s capabilities.


  • Franchetti Communications became intimately familiar with the institution’s corporate media policies and internal media relations staff in order to convey firm-specific communication policies to the attendees
  • Customized Working with the Media™ half-day sessions for individuals & small groups held on-site at various US and Latin American offices, with on-camera interview simulations
  • Researched the topics associated with each participant in preparation for the interview simulations and to guide each executive’s message strategy


  • Over 100 highly visible members of the organization, including the CEO, have been media trained
  • Each executive knows how to prepare and confidently speak to mainstream and trade media outlets
  • The firm’s world-wide corporate communications standards are being upheld, and the media relations team has built more positive relationships with management
  • Subject matter experts are able to craft media-friendly messages that resonate with their target audiences
  • Sensitive and controversial issues are now handled with ease and integrity
  • The firm continues to greatly expand their visibility and reputation, and continues to develop proactive relationships with key reporters

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