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suzanne franchetti - president + lead trainer
suzanne franchetti - president + lead trainer

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We have a love-hate relationship with technology – especially with our cell phones. There are distinct benefits of remaining connected to our clients, bosses, teams, and even to our families during long work days. Yet, the constant notifications, calls, vibrations, and flashes from incoming text messages are distractions that impact our productivity. Every few months […]

by Suzanne Franchetti, Franchetti Communications, and Diane McGreal, Living Abroad Cultural Advisor Presenting to people from different cultures comes with its own set of challenges. While the obvious barrier is language, there is more to consider than just your ability to speak the local language if you are an executive speaking abroad. Executives who demonstrate a higher level of cultural knowledge will better […]

Public speaking can rattle the nerves of even the most seasoned professional. It’s such a common fear that it can prevent some business people from achieving career success, because giving speeches and presentations, especially as a business executive, is unavoidable. The nerves that come with public speaking may not be avoidable, but they are controllable. […]